Monday, October 6, 2008

Melbourne Bites #8: Tasting Tokyo

Chinatown in Melbourne is a bit of a misnomer as it is home to more than just Chinese food. Instead, Little Bourke Street is filled with eateries offering a huge variety of Asian cuisines – you just have a wander along this bustling street with its hidden alleys and you’re likely to stumble into a little taste of Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan… and even Japan.

Lunch at Shoya is a pretty decent choice for Japanese food if you’re in the area. The lunch sets are good value and you get decent Japanese dishes served course by course in this quiet restaurant that sits in an alley off the main street. Sip on your ocha after your 8 course lunch and relax in the modern and sleek interiors to soak up a bit of Tokyo… right here in Melbourne.

25 Market Street
(Between Russell & Exhibition streets and Bourke & Little Bourke streets)
Melbourne, Victoria


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