Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Feeding the inner sloth

I am a lazy person.  There - I've said it.  And whilst I can make excuses for my extremely long hiatus from the world of blogging due to work, travel, blah blah blah... truth is I reached a point like many bloggers do when it becomes a lonely business of putting words and pictures out into the big bad world wide web - not really knowing if anyone out there actually bothers or cares about your obsessive overtures about your gluttony.

So it was fairly ironic that it was the nice people at Menulog (No.1 site for online takeaway in Australia) who dropped me a note about using their site to order food delivery (read lazy dining) that prompted me to put the proverbial pen to paper to reignite my food ramblings.

I'll be the first to admit that I have never been big on ordering food delivery - mostly because despite my laziness, I would rather do a pick up because I feel like this gives me more control over when I get food in my tummy - I don't like the feeling of having to wait for food to come to me (which explains why I am always impatient in restaurants and a bad dinner date).  Having said that, Menulog does give you access to ordering online for pick up from your local restaurants as well to cater for, I imagine, the likes of neanderthals like myself.

But I digress - and gave this online ordering business a go.  What was surprising was how easy it was to do - drop in your postcode to find restaurants in your area that have partnered with Menulog, click on the restaurant of your choice to view their menu, select your items, including any special requests and boom - confirm your order via credit card and almost instantly, a text message from the restaurant is sent to you confirming when your order will be delivered directly to your door.

On a cold wintery Perth night I decided to opt for the appropriate comfort food - curry.  And Saffron in Inglewood has always been a local favourite.  We opted for the Goan fish curry, Lamb Nanitali, plain naan and plain biryani rice.  Complimentary pappadums added texture and happiness to our dinner.  The text message indicated that it would be approximately an hour for the food to be delivered which, I assumed, was longer than usual due to it being a Friday night when other inner sloths come out (or rather stay in) to feast.  And so, I decided, whilst waiting, to whip up some simple Bombay potatoes as pictured (fried crispy par boiled baby potatoes, turmeric, chilli, ginger, onions, curry leaves and mustard seeds) - truth be told, these babies kept me from going blind from hunger in the waiting period.

The food arrived within the indicated time and I collected the takeaway package from the deliveryman in my pyjamas - which was kinda weird but kinda liberating at the same time - knowing I could stuff my face in the comfort of my own digs shortly after.

The verdict on the food?  The Goan fish curry was rich and tasty - however both M and I agreed that it needed more lemon juice to cut through the richness and lacked the chilli kick we are used to when we have ordered this dish in the past.  Lamb Nanitali was something we had not tried before and was essentially a lamb curry with lentils.  The lamb was well cooked and the dish was well seasoned.  The lentils however we found to be a little heavy which also meant it had absorbed a lot of the curry sauce that we typically smother over our naan bread and rice.  The naan and plain biryani rice were solid and perfect accompaniments to our dinner - the latter in particular spiked with generous amounts of the restaurant's namesake to give the dish a beautiful golden hue.

All in all Saffron will still be a place we will come back to for solid Indian fare - perhaps they were a little off on the night due to the Friday night madness but with eating indoors in your pyjamas made simpler by  surfing menus on  Menulog, we might just click and pick the next time we feel like feeding our inner sloths.

907B Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052
(08) 9272 3459
*Note this was a sponsored review by Menulog

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