Saturday, September 13, 2008

Delma's Mee Goreng

Delma has been our maid in Singapore and now a close family friend for the past 7 years. She has a colourful personality - full of life and an infectious laugh. Over the years, Delma has become a very good cook - gathering recipes passed on to her by our family and friends. One of these dishes which she has really made her own is her mee goreng. What is great about her version is the spicy oomph achieved by her home-made sambal, her skilled frying of the noodles to achieve a dry, firm to bite texture with a slight charred flavour and heaps of fresh crunchy beansprouts that add sweetness to the dish.

Dried chillis (rehydrate in water and discard liquid)
Chilli padi
Large red chillis
Red Shallots
1. Pound the above ingredients to a fine paste in the mortar pestle. Fry paste in canola or sunflower oil and season with salt and sugar.
Mee Goreng
Fresh egg hokkien noodles
1 egg
dark soya sauce
sliced fish cake
lean pork thinly sliced
minced garlic
loads of beansprouts
roughly chopped spring onions
maggi chilli sauce (I know... but it works!)
1. Scramble and fry 1 egg in oil in the wok and remove (This is to season and seal the wok to prevent the noodles from sticking when fried).
2. Without adding any further oil, fry egg noodles with dark soya sauce on a medium to high heat until the noodles are dry and slightly charred. Remove noodles from wok.
3. Add a little oil and fry shallots, minced garlic, sliced fish cake, sliced pork and prawns. Add sambal and fry till the fragrance hits you. Toss the noodles back in the wok and mix through.
4. Season with salt and maggi chilli sauce. Add chopped spring onions and loads of bean sprouts. Fry for a further minute until warmed through an serve up!


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