Sunday, June 21, 2009

Go Go Gozen!

M and I stumbled upon a brilliant spot for lunch after a morning of shopping in Subiaco on the weekend. We were both ravenous at this stage and were desperately hoping that Satsuki, a relatively newcomer to the area, was going to be a winner.

And that it was... this little Japanese restaurant hit all the right notes for our post shopping lunch... we started off with the tuna oshi sushi, which is a specialty here. Moulded in a rectangular box shape and cut into cubes, our entree was a delicious combination of seasoned tuna (no need for soy sauce or wasabi on the side here) topped with tobiko and rested on sushi rice sandwiching aonori seaweed. This was as delicious as it was beautiful and gave us a good sign of things to come.

For the mains we each had a gozen bento lunchbox. M opted for an extremely well executed tori karaage which was delightfully crispy on the outside and succulent marinated chicken on the inside. My braised pork belly kakuni was a joy to eat - melt in your mouth pork belly with strong hints of ginger and soya sauce... served with a hard boiled egg braised in the same seasonings.

M could not resist the small but very appealing dessert menu here... and so we finished off our meal with a green tea scented creme brulee. Whilst I found the green tea element of the menu description lacking, this was nonetheless a very nice dessert. The custard was creamy and not overly sweet which was nicely balanced the attractively burnt sugar topping dotted with green tea powder.

Satsuki does a more upmarket menu for dinner which we were both keen to try after having sampled its simple but well executed lunch menu. M and I both love good Japanese food - and in the case of Satsuki, I think we may have just fallen in love.


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