Saturday, May 9, 2009

When quick is good

Its been a while since my last post and yes... its because I have returned to full time work and have rejoined the days of waking up earlier than I would care to and going home later than I would like... but I am grateful. It does feel strange to suddenly have routine again in my life and I'm learning that time becomes more of a valuable commodity when you have less of it to call your own.

Instead of taking the time to cook meals you would otherwise love to create during the week, sometimes quick bites that can be whipped together in minutes with minimal fuss are irreplaceable.

So it was with great excitement that I came across Momoya Gohandesuyo, a seaweed kelp paste I found in a Japanese specialty shop. Traditionally eaten with steamed rice, I started experimenting with this very tasy condiment and was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Mix a tablespoon of seaweed paste with a dollop of butter into freshly cooked spaghetti or angelhair and top with finely diced cherry tomatoes and chives... Incredibly simple but surprisingly tasty. The mixture is also darn good folded with butter through freshly cooked short grain rice and topped with a crispy fried egg...

Sigh... if only all fast food could taste this good.


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