Friday, December 26, 2008

Hong Kong: One Hit Wonder

One of my favourite places to eat whenever I’m in Hong Kong is Gow Kei Beef Brisket. Tucked away in the charismatic back streets of Sheung Wan… this place does only one thing – beef brisket. But that doesn’t stop crowds of regular patrons and curious foodies from coming at all times throughout the day to sample two basic variations of this dish – beef broth or curried stew. You even get to choose from egg or rice noodles to accompany your bowl of heaven.

The beef broth is pure robust bovine goodness and is great spiked with a splash of red wine vinegar that you help yourself to at the table. The curried stew (order the beef tendon version if it hasn’t sold out) has fantastic depth and has a surprisingly strong spicy kick that’s sure to work up a sweat. The brisket here is wonderfully tender and a real joy to eat. Both versions are winners due to the brilliant beef stock used in their preparation.

One thing you’ll notice when you visit Gow Kei is how despite the crowds, the restaurant is strangely tranquil and quiet. Instead of the loud chatter you get in other eateries around Hong Kong, all you hear is silent slurping and a sense of appreciation and reverence for the dish that has made this one of the most highly recommended local eateries in Hong Kong.
21 Gough Street
Sheung Wan


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