Friday, November 14, 2008

Pub Trawl

There aren't many things better in life than crispy fish, crispy chips and crispy cold beer. Whilst this simple fare is widely available (and done very well) in Australia, it is more of a rarity in Singapore. And so I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this pub staple at Tuckshop, a small diner in Tanjong Pagar that serves up a small menu of unpretentious eats (think steak sandwiches, lamb chops, salads, etc) to go with your choice of beers on tap, including Asahi (my personal favourite).

The generous serving of lightly battered dory was brilliant - extremely crispy and the fish still beautifully moist. The icy cold Asahi beer went down a treat and the beautiful pairing brought a smile to my face. Tuckshop also has a live band on certain nights that plays a mix of soul and jazz. And to top it off - prices are extremely reasonable - Dining at happy hour, dinner came to just $15 including my drink. I guess life just got a little better...


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