Sunday, November 23, 2008

Osaka Part 3: Ordinary Osaka

What visit to Osaka can be complete without tasting two of its most famous exports – Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Just like the inhabitants of the city that created them, these tasty morsels are colourful, down to earth and completely inseparable from icy cold beer.

Takoyaki is best eaten piping hot – the best ones house a creamy centre with a secret combination of vegetables and fresh octopus. Smothered in either home made shoyu sauce or mayonnaise (or even both) and topped with bonito flakes – this is great snack food that was a great pick me up after a long day of shopping.

Okonomiyaki can be found all over town – we visited Chibo, a well established chain that still packs in the crowds after its many years of operation. Here the dish is prepared by a chef in front of your eyes and then transferred to your own tabletop hot plate where you add as much condiments as you like. From the more traditional kurobuta pork to mentaiko (spicy cod roe) cream okonomiyaki… you can opt to top yours off with a bucketload of negi (spring onions) and tamago (fried egg sunny side up).

You can also choose to have the traditional version which is made of batter or one with one that is made from yakisoba – the choice is completely yours… which makes this a very fun dining option.

Sizzling hot food with crispy cold beer – Osaka brings it to the very basics of a good night out… and frankly - what more could anyone ask for?


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