Friday, November 21, 2008

Osaka Part 1: Oh My Omuraisu

One of the most well known creations out of Osaka is Omuraisu - or fried rice wrapped up in an egg omelette. And what better way to understand this simple but utterly delicious dish than to find the original restaurant that created it - Hokkyokusei in Nishi-shinsaibashi.

Around 1925, a customer of this iconic restaurant with a weak stomach would come on a daily basis to have omelette and rice. One day, the owner decided to mix things up a bit and stir fried some rice with ketchup, and wrapped it up in a thin egg omlette - thereby giving birth to the every popular dish.

Today, Omuraisu at Hokkyokusei comes in many variations - from rice fried in dry curry, to oyster fried rice to the ever popular original - chicken fried rice. What is common is the perfectly cooked omelette that neatly envelopes the piping hot rice, and served with a delicious sauce (depending on the variation ordered).

My personal favourite was the oyster Omuraisu - incredibly fresh oysters incorporated into rice stir fried in soy sauce. But what made it all the more unforgettable is the tradition and history that comes with dining in this establishment, scoffing down this unpretentious but truly tasty dish next to a peaceful garden courtyard. Perfect...


2-7-27 Nishi-shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
5 min walk from Exit 7 of Shinsaibashi Subway Station
Tel: 06-6211-7829


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