Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pearl cafe

Next up - lunch at Pearl cafe... offspring of the upmarket Pearl restaurant which specialises in mod-Asian fare. This casual diner offers a mix of Asian influenced meals (think king prawn mint and glass noodle salad, green chicken curry) as well as hearty cafe type meals.

We opted for two examples of the latter, a duck and chestnut pot pie and an autumn vegetable lasagne. Prices here are extremely reasonable for the generosity of portions and quality of produce. The lasagne whilst plated beautifully lacked seasoning which would have made it a fantastic vegetarian option. The duck pie however was delicious - perfectly braised duck with chestnut topped by a buttery flaky puff pastry. Paired with the caramelised onion jam on the side, this was perfect comfort food for a typical crisp cold Melbourne afternoon.

Pearl Cafe
599 Church Street


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