Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kiri Take 2

I have previously raved about Kiri Japanese restaurant which is nestled in the quiet neighbourhood of Shenton Park. This tiny yet elegant restaurant is run by Taka and Noriko, genuinely nice people who have a passion for what they do. A recent visit back proved that they are still feeding this passion as well as lovers of Japanese food who keep coming back for more.

Aside from the standard menu of their most requested items, Kiri also has a changing seasonal menu which reflects the fresh produce that varies from month to month. More often than not, it also includes Taka's new creations which range from the simplest (like cream crab croquettes topped with crispy lotus root) to the more elaborate (a beautifully presented bento box of unagi, grilled duck breast wrapped around grilled asparagus, grilled sablefish and nasu dengaku).

Kiri does well in simple but well cooked Japanese fare that steps beyond your teriyaki glazes (although it also does these perfectly well) and presents beautifully. What is even more impressive is that Taka manages to whip up these beautiful creations in the tiniest of kitchens. I was amazed at the constant stream of takeaway orders that came throughout dinner service and how the kitchen was able to keep up the pace.

It's great to see a deserving place do well - remember to book in advance.

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Anonymous July 29, 2010 at 12:54 PM  

Good food, but they can be VERY rigid in their attitude, as per the below:

I live locally and have bought takeaway from them many times; I went in recently and there were no tables free to dine in, so we bought takeaway and asked if it would be okay to eat in if a table became available while the food was being prepared (as this time we wanted to dine in). They said 'yes', but when the food was ready and a table had become free, the owner came across and said we would have to trash our takeaway food and buy another meal from their 'eat in' menu..!

It is also VERY hard to get through to them on the phone at times, and their times of opening are quirky to say the least...

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