Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jus needs tweaking

Jus Burgers is the newest addition to the recent onslaught of gourmet burger joints in Perth in recent months. Located in Leederville where the young and hip hang out, this tiny eatery has a casual but cool vibe that fits in nicely with its target market.

The concept here is a burger bar which sources all of its ingredients locally (think Harvey beef, Mount Barker free range chicken, turkish bread from the local bakery, etc).

The menu is also innovative (and extensive). Aside from a list of interesting beef burgers (chorizo, wagyu, foie gras), Jus also offers up creations from chicken, pork, fish, vegetables and even kangaroo.

Cool vibe, great concept, inventive menu... Jus has all the right ingredients to be a success, and its already drawing in the crowds. Unfortunately however, there are quite a few tweaks required to their burgers if they are to have longevity in their popularity.

We ordered the Blue Cheese burger with grilled field mushrooms and the Wagyu burger with wasabi mayonnaise, both on wholemeal buns. The former was smothered a little too generously in blue cheese sauce (as opposed to real blue cheese) which made it a mess to eat but also a little too overpowering. The latter, which should have been juicy, succulent and full of flavour typical from wagyu (even if it is in a burger) lost alot of this appeal because it was overcooked - resulting in a tough patty that was dry and very bland. Both burgers suffered from a bun that was not toasted enough - which meant doughy bread that absorbed way too much of the accompanying sauces.

But all is not lost - the staff and owner of the restaurant are incredibly passionate about their venture and it shows in their eagerness to get things right. With tweaks in their execution, the team here have great potential to do jus-tice to this burger bar.

Jus Burgers
743 Newcastle St
Leederville 6007

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