Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Macau: Hits & Misses

We managed to squeeze in a stopover in Macau at the end of our stay in Hong Kong. A 40 minute ferry ride away, this gaming city packed with tourists is charming in its own unique way with its Portugese influences evident from the architechture through to its food.

The Portugese egg tarts from Macau are worth the trip alone - buttery, flaky pastry housing eggy hot custard... these delicious bites live up to the hype provided by foodies who manage to pull themselves away from the many casinos to sample the local fare.

What was disappointing however were the Macau grilled pork chop buns. We sampled the ones made at Tai Lei, one of the most reputable on the island. The long queue starts at around 3pm which is when the buns go on sale - I was expecting lots given its obvious popularity. But I was unimpressed. This snack is basically a greasy slab of pork chop housed in a baked bun. Not particulary interesting... not particularly good... and definitely not worth the particularly long wait.


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